IoE-EQ - Activities and Results

O1 - New schenarios of IoE at European level

Leader: FHM
Co-leader: CNR-IM

The output consists of two reports that are the basis for the development of the other project activities.
The first document consists of an analysis of the IoE state of art at European level, including an analysis of the different available providers, technologies and applications connected to IoE, as well as future trends, and an analysis of the awareness of the existing IoE technologies and applications in the private and public sector, especially focusing on the business sector.
The second document consists of an analysis of the professional skills required in the area of IoE and an analysis of the labour market actual situation and prospective of employability.

• O1/A1 – Assessment instruments
• O1/A2 – Labour market analysis
• O1/A3 – IoE state-of-art and scenarios at European level


Working documents are available in the Partners Area, accessible only to project partners.
Final documents will be published in this area.

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