Internet of Energy - Education and Qualification

According to the International Energy Agency, the electricity demand globally is expected to increase more than two-thirds by the year of 2035. Such high increase in the electricity demand will put a unsustainable burden on the current outdated power infrastructure. Intelligent systems, distributed power sources and smart grids are considered the next future of electric systems. All these devices, interconnected through the web and empowered through its instruments, realizes the “Internet of Energy” (IoE). It is one of the transformations that the Internet of Things revolution is bringing into technology industry. Interoperability between smart energy systems, realized through the web, allows the automatic optimization of consumption, the increased efficiency of the networks and the intelligent management.
The IoE-EQ project has been designed in order to raise awareness among European Companies and Professionals about the potential of IoE technologies and to give evidence of their applications. The project finally aims to create VET qualifications for professionals, being IoE managers or developers, and training them to adopt and manage IoT devices and applications.
The IoE-EQ partnership involves 9 partners coming from 6 different countries (Germany, Greece, Italy, Lithuania, Portugal and Spain).
The main outputs of the IoE-EQ project will be:

  • an analysis of the training needs and of the professional skills related to IoE technologies and applications;
  • the design of VET Qualifications in the area of IoE, according to the e-CF 3.0 framework;
  • the realization of IoE didactic demonstrators, deployed as virtual and/or remote laboratories;
  • periodical webinars on IoE related topic;
  • the production and delivery of training courses aimed at achieving the VET Qualifications;
  • the realization an IoE Handbook, including best practices and suggestions for the adoption of IoE based devices and applications;
  • the implementation of an integrated web-platform as support for the whole project.