IoE-EQ - Activities and Results

O7 - Supporting platform

Leader: Madan Parque
Co-leader: MAG

The output consists in the implementation of the project supporting platform, including the public area of the website, the e-learning platform, the webinar area and the demonstrators area. The output also includes the production of several dissemiantion materials.

• O7/A1 - Project web platform and tools
• O7/A2 - Dissemination and research outputs


Working documents are available in the cloud Partners Area, accessible only to project partners.
Public materials will be published in this area.

Last Events

EDUCON 2019 Conference - Special Session on IoT Education: April 2019 - Dubai (UAE)
Forth Partner's Meeting: March 2019 - Berlin (Germany)

Next Event

Internet of Energy: September 2019 - Berlin (Germany)

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