IoE Demonstrators

Learning by doing is an excellent methodology to acquire practical skills and to realize how theoretical concepts can be put in practice.

The IoE-EQ Didactic Demonstrators are a set of tools where learners can acquire practical skills on on different small-scale models of real IoE application. They want to give a real evidence of the potentiality of IoE technologies and to show their potential use in different contexts and applications. The demonstrates also represent a sandbox where to test the acquired skills through sets of suggested exercises.

The demonstrators are provided in terms of virtual or remote labs, allowing the learners to access them without constraints of time and space. Through the left menu it is possible to browse the demonstrators. For each of them the functionalities, objectives and the use modes are described.

Different demonstrators may address one or more aspects of the IoE environment: smart metering, smart grids, demand response systems, photovoltaic systems, energy forecast, etc.