IoE-EQ - Activities and Results

O5 - Training courses

Leader: MAG
Co-leader: CRN-IM

The output consists of a collection of training courses addressing different aspects of IoE, connected to the IoE-EQ Qualifications. The courses, including videolectures digitalized and hyperlinked to slides, texts, exercises, bibliographies and labs, are fully available at distance.

• O5/A1 - IoE didactic model
• O5/A2 - Didactic units technical production
• O5/A3 - IoE qualifications piloting and final tuning


Working documents are available in the cloud Partners Area, accessible only to project partners.
Courses are be deployed in the e-learning area of the website.

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EDUCON 2020 Conference - Special Session on IoT Education April 2020 - Porto (Portugal)

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