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IoE Manager
Summary statement
Proposes plans and manages functional and technical evolutions of the Information System within the relevant business domain. Analyses Information System for improving business performance.

Manages and implements updates to existing applications and maintenance activities guided by the needs, costs and plans agreed with internal users. Ensures quality of service and internal user satisfaction. Identifies areas where information system changes are needed to support business plans and monitors the impact in terms of change management. Contributes to the general functional requirements of the business organization in the area of ICT solutions. Analyses business needs and translates them into ICT solutions.

a. Accountable
- Project portfolio
- Business requirements
b. Responsible
- Solution specification
- Business case
- Business relationship
c. Contributor
- Business plan
- ICT strategy & implementation
Main tasks
- Responsible for managing the information technology development within the business domain - Anticipate changes to the Information System and the business impact and vice versa; - Formalize, consolidate and drive the development of the configuration of the information system - Evaluate the relevance of the Information systems to the business domain - Build a knowledge base through understanding the organization’s information system - Contribute to the preparation of the business plan of the organization - Identify areas for improvement in business processes providing possible ICT solutions compliant with the ICT strategy - Build requirements, specifications, business processes and the business case related to the proposed solutions;

KPI area
Adequacy of the business requirements in response to the business plan
Dimension 1 Dimension 2 Dimension 3 (related to ECF 3-8)
e-1 e-2 e-3 e-4 e-5
PLAN A1: IS & Business Strategy Alignment
PLAN A3: Business Plan Development
ENABLE D10: Information & Knowledge Management
ENABLE D11: Needs identification
MANAGE E2: Project & Portfolio Management
MANAGE E5: Process improvement
MANAGE E7: Business Change Management