IoE-EQ (Academic Year 2019/2020)

IoE Expert for Renewable Energies


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Lesson n.1: Introduction to the course

Lesson n.2: Introduction to IoT and IoE

Lesson n.3: IoE - Background and Perspectives

n. 3.1 -
Webinar "The role of Energy Management & IoE in Industry 4.0 and its effect on Human Resource Competencies"  (A.Y. 2019/2020)
Internet of Energy Human resources Industry 4_0
Lesson n.4: IoE technology

Lesson n.5: IoE, data and power economy

Lesson n.6: IoE business

Lesson n.7: IoE business analysis

Lesson n.8: IoE business strategy

Lesson n.9: IoE business analysis and strategy

Lesson n.10: Smart grids

Lesson n.11: Smart uses of IoE

Lesson n.12: IoE and management of renewables energies

Lesson n.13: Introduction on the storage of energy

Lesson n.14: Main technologies of energy storage systems

Lesson n.15: Energy Storage Modelling and performance parameters

Lesson n.16: Hybrid energy storage systems

Lesson n.17: Laboratory tests on energy storage system

Lesson n.18: Big Data for IoE

Lesson n.19: Machine Learning for IoE

Lesson n.20: Prediction and simulation for energy systems

Lesson n.21: Introduction to Networking for IoE environments

Lesson n.22: Connectivity in Renewables energies smart systems

Lesson n.23: Introduction to cybersecurity

Lesson n.24: Vulnerabilities in Renewables Energies